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DAY #1

Bangkok - Pattaya Trip

Bangkok - Pattaya , Je Juk 3 Seafood Restaurant , Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Half Day Tour, King Seafood Restaurant ,

DAY #2

Dusting your skill of golf and time to show-off

Tommy Driving Range , Khun Ya Kitchen , Pattaya Beach, Pattaya Floating Market ,

DAY #3

Challenge yourself with your friends and own your victory

Greenway Driving Range , Baan Sukhawadee, Lunch Buffet @ The Terrace , Pattaya Floating Market, Rimpa Lapin Restaurant etc.. ,

Price Include
  1. Hotel will be as the final selected one by customer. If customer does not change hotel, hotel will be base on the default hotel.
  2. Hotel room type will be as the final selected type by customer. If customer does not change room type, Room type will be base on the default room type.
  3. The meals are include only items shown as "free meal included" in the itinerary.
  4. Local tour guide services are include only that items are shown as "included" in the itinerary.
  5. Transportation services are included only that items are shown as "included" in the itinerary.
  6. Accident insurance are based on the standard insurance policy of Thai government regulation.
Price Excluded
  1. All Thailand visa fees and/or any fees on immigration process. Please note that the validity of the passport must be more than six months for issuing visa.
  2. Addition room fee, extra bed fee and other add-on hotel services.
  3. Any custom fee/tax, luggage fee and custodial fees.
  4. Personal expenses / transportations / activities / meals during free time period. the free exercise of all your voluntary participation in the activities of the project, please fully understand the content of the event and strictly comply with the safety rules of the event, we recommend that you take the initiative to purchase the relevant insurance, The accident does not assume any responsibility.
  5. Personal consumption (such as: Hotel laundry, barber, telephone, fax, pay TV, drinks, tobacco and other personal consumption and other expense that not mention from customer final purchase details.
  6. Other items not included in "Price include"
  7. Tips: Important Notice for Delay or Cancellation of Flight: January 1, 2017 has already begun to be formally implemented. As a result of war, disease, weather, natural disasters and other irresistible reasons, extra accommodation and transportation are incurred outside the itinerary. Need to take care of themselves by tourists, travel agencies do not need to pay for this, tourist please tell each other to avoid unnecessary disputes. Causes of force majeure are not caused by travel agents.
  8. The Thai-China Travel Industry Association received notice, from September 1, 2017 onwards, Thai tourists are required to pay a tour guide 20 yuan / person / night, tourist directly arrange payment to guide when arriving, thank you! (20 yuan equivalent to 100 Thai baht)
  9. Additional costs due to force majeure such as traffic delays, strikes, weather, aircraft, machine breakdown, flight cancellations or alteration times.
Service and term of use
  1. Travelling with Tour guide
    • Travel agent will provide tour guide service along the trip, tour guide will arrange schedule and activities follow customer purchase package details.
    • During the actual trip of this product, tour guides and drivers may make appropriate adjustments to your itinerary (such as adjusting the tour order of scenic spots) based on the weather, traffic conditions, etc. without reducing the attractions and obtaining the consent of the guests to ensure Travel smoothly. As a result of force majeure and other factors really can not implement the original itinerary planning, as a result of the cost changes, we implement substitution services, please cooperate with guides.
    • For customer benefit and safety, customer have to strictly follow tour guide instructions.
    • Tour guide and transportation service is 8 hours or complete the tour program of the day.
    • In case of force majeure attractions did not play the normal attractions, the tour guide after consultation with the guests may be canceled or replaced according to the actual situation of the attraction, or by the tour guide in the field of travel products according to the ticket refund the cost of refund is not Scenic spot price shall prevail, please understand.
  2. Car rental with driver
    • Customer could booking a car with driver and purchase for facilities provide from travel agent.
    • Customer have to self take care and acknowledge for all facilities service conditions.
    • Car and driver service is 8 hours/day, customer have to take care tour programs and sequence, additional charge for overtime services for driver and car rental will be charge by cash or through travel agent payment gate way.
  3. Car rental
    • Customer need to provide valid passport / Visa pass / Driver's license / International Driver's license.
    • On the date of car pickup , customer need to sign for rental agreement before taking the car.
  4. Air line
    • Customer need to recheck and confirm the informations was correct and accept for airline policy before purchase, if there are any error or wrong information during booking or purchase, customer have to responds for the amendment charge follow the airline policy.
    • Customer have to update and acknowledge news from airline , in case of any change of schedule or flight delay.
    • If any delays from customer, lead to missed the flight and missed the tour programs, travel agent will not responds for any extra expense.
    • If the cancellation of flights due to airline reasons and lead to the customers can not travel follow the purchase tour programs, travel agent will customer to apply for refund from hotels / entrance tickets side, but travel agent will not commit or responds for any compensations.
Booking instructions
  1. Booking will be automatically confirmed. If there are any changes due to unavailability, our customer service department will contact you to arrange new schedule and/or any substitute items. If you are not agree on the offer, full refund will be processed.
  2. After payment process done and verify received payment from travel agent , travel agent will send booking confirmation to customer by E-mail or WeChat from the channel provide from customer.
  3. E -Ticket or E-Voucher for entrance will send to customer by E-mail or WeChat from the channel provide from customer.
  4. To ensure smooth travel, be sure to provided promptly for scanned copy of the passport of all travelers after placing an order.
  5. In case customer didn't purchase airline from travel agent , customer have to provide specific flight number and flight time to travel agent for accurate arrange of pickup and running the tour programs.
Cancel and refund policy
  1. Air line and car rental fee wil not refund in any case.
  2. Prewedding - wedding and Theme tour programs must be cancel before 90 days, 10% charge from purchase amount or travel agent for business lost.
  3. Prewedding - wedding and Theme tour programs cancel less than 90 days, 100% charge from purchase amount or travel agent for business lost.
  4. General tour program cancel 23-30 days before departure, 10% charge from purchase amount or travel agent for business lost.
  5. General tour program cancel 16-22 days before departure, 20% charge from purchase amount or travel agent for business lost.
  6. General tour program cancel 8-15 days before departure, 50% charge from purchase amount or travel agent for business lost.
  7. General tour program cancel 1-7 days before departure, 100% charge from purchase amount or travel agent for business lost.
Notice to tourist
  1. Customer please also prepare for your personal valid passport / Visa / you country identity cards if any.
  2. China Time is 1 hour ahead Thailand Time. For example, when Beijing time is 9:00 am and Thailand time is 8:00 am.
  3. According to the regulations of the Thai Immigration Department, foreigners arriving in Thailand shall carry not less than 20,000 Thai Baht (or equivalent foreign currency) and bank credit cards with them in their possession. Thai immigration officers randomized random checks, cash shortfalls will be refused entry. This provision applies to all visas including entry visa. Please be sure to abide by the new requirements of the Thai Immigration Board to ensure smooth entry.
  4. In Thailand, the vehicles are driven on the left. This may the opposite side from your country. Please be aware when you cross the road, be sure to pay attention to the direction of the vehicles.
  5. Taboo Tip: Please respect the local diet, customs taboos, religious etiquette, etc., as the Romans do, into the local folk customs.
  6. Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha Temple and other temple for Royal palace attractions, dressing code for tourists is pants, skirts to cover the knees, upper body can not be exposed shoulders and navel, can not wear slippers. Please pay attention to your dress code.
  7. For your personal, property safety, please avoid exposing valuables in public and large amounts of cash. take good care of jewelry, cameras and other personal belongings.
  8. Swimming, rafting, diving, skiing, skating, snow show and other activities, are in danger. Participate according to their own conditions, and make full reference to the local relevant departments and other professional bodies of the relevant announcements and suggestions.
  9. In order to ensure the safe transportation of lithium batteries and avoid unsafe incidents, our friendship reminds you that CAAC will carry out strict inspections on passenger carrying lithium batteries.
  10. Customer should acknowledge and follow from your country according to mailing of any forbidden of animals / plants / fresh fruits / vegetables etc.
  11. Please strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of your travel destinations, and do not engage in trading or carrying related articles of endangered wildlife, such as ivory, and their related articles, to avoid damaging your own interests by breaking the law.
  12. Minors under 18 years old must be accompanied by at least one parent or adult traveler.
  13. 50 years old or above Bookings for the elderly should ensure that they are fit and healthy and have accompanied their relatives or friends over the age of 20 (except those who are unable to meet or restrict reception due to their limited service capacity).
  14. Please be sure to provide accurate and complete information (name, gender, passport number, nationality, contact details, whether adult or child, etc.) at the time of booking to avoid booking errors and affecting travel. As a result of the guests to provide personal information caused by the loss, the guests should bear all the resulting losses.
  15. Out-sea projects: out of health, safety considerations, pregnant women and the elderly over the age of 65, suffering from heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis, post-operation guests, and other unfit for taking the speedboat, yacht to the sea sick patients, severe seasickness Please do not book a sea class project. Guests aged 60-65 are required to present a health certificate and a disclaimer when booking sea-going activities. Spa category: physiological period, pregnant women, after surgery, just abortion, suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, light sensitivity, malignant tumors and other diseases should not be involved. beg to be excused! If you have booked a product with sea or spa, we will refund the cost, please contact customer service.
  16. Travel in the gift items, such as traffic, weather and other irresistible factors can not be presented, or due to your personal reasons can not visit, the cost is not refundable, please understand.
  17. Team trips, non-free activities during the ban is not allowed to leave the mission in advance or group, sorry for any inconvenience please understand.
  18. Due to the limited economic conditions in the area, there will be a certain gap between developed cities in respect of transportation, hotel services and facilities, catering, etc. Please understand.
  19. Reminded: For the safety of you and your family, this product does not accept pregnant women travel, such as concealing the truth, all the consequences are assumed by the concealment, please know, thank you!
  20. is an authorized marketing and communication of hospitals and/or medical clinics. We can provide information of medical services for customers, felicitate to contact hospitals and/or medical clinics and provide any additional services such as translator, accommodation and transportation. We cannot warrantee any results and/or quality of medical services. Customers need to agree on conditions of medical services with hospitals and/or medical clinics that provide such services to customers. Any loss and/or damage from such medical services cannot be claim against